The huts for the guests are built with local materials, a sustainable architecture to respect the environment in accordance with nature and with our spirit. No luxury of course: here simplicity is a life-style. The beds are made in bamboo.

Toilets and showers are very close to the rooms.

We have built the rooms – and the entire compound – with our hands, sometimes with the help of our neighbors. We look forward to knowing what you think about them as we are very proud of the results of our efforts.

The vicinity of the rooms makes it easy to make friends with the other guests, the atmosphere is very relaxed and familiar. It’s quite impossible not to feel at home.

You can fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to the song of the muezzin.



The Mat Room

200 Ghc/night

We never forget about traditions. We never forget we are in Africa. We never forget you wish to experience Africa. So here you are. This room fits two people or one person. It is furnished with a double bamboo bed, mosquito net, a small table, local carpet, fan, a cabinet and it is nicely decorated. […]

The colorful room

180 Ghc/night

A room in bricks but with a local roof. Bamboo bed, mosquito net, two tables, fan. Some artistic manufacts inside will rise up your spirit. Quite and cosy. Once you are there you would never leave.

The family room

The family room – even called the Mask Hut – can contain 4 people. There are two double bamboo beds with mosquito nets. It’s furnished with a table, fan, a bamboo cabinet, local mats and a bamboo armchair. Outside and inside the hut, you can admire some traditional Ghanaian masks.