A&Y Wild Camp Ghana is a unique experience. You will stay in a fishermen village in Keta, within the Volta Region, Wild Camp Ghana is run by a Ghanaian and Italian couple.

Our village is located 139 km from/to Accra and 36 km from/to Lomè. It is on the main road to Aflao, the border to enter Togo.  Thanks to its strategic position, it is a convenient stop for travellers heading toward Togo and from Togo toward Ghana.

Far away from noisy beaches, crowded cities, obvious touristic attractions, you will get to see and feel something completely different. A part of Ghana – and a taste of Africa – which is not easy to discover tracking regular travel routes.

We create  Wild Camp Ghana because we like  for visitors to discover another way of living in Ghana. If you happen to often ask yourself: “What is poverty? Why so many people still live in poor conditions? How is their daily life like? you will certainly be inspired by this village. Its name is Aflasco.

This is exactly what happened to us, and we want to give other people the opportunity to have the same experience. Maybe you will tell yourself that, yes, another way of life is possible and “poverty” may just be a western concept which here has a different meaning.

Our host compound is placed in between the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean

The natural environment will offer you peace, a magnificent ocean, the majesty of the  lagoon – alive with birds and fishes – the profoundness of the sky, the sparkling stars and an eloquent moon.

On our side we will offer you local and handmade food, Italian pasta, a special pizza called “Pizza Brusca”, handmade ice-cream, nice music, a tourist guide to visit the surroundings and attend local traditional events with, and a few other surprises. We will be perfect caretakers in welcoming you into our world.

Wild Camp Ghana is much more than an ordinary holiday.

We also set up the Camp in order to support the children living in this village and in those nearby. We organize drawing, reading and English language classes for small groups of children aged from 7 to 11. Games, lecturers, exercises are the method to encourage socialization, sharing and cooperation. We also provide them food when we can afford it.  (For further information, please visit the Help the children page.) Moreover we support children from the Agbogbloshie slum in Accra. We pay for them school fees and provide for other needs too.

We recently received a recognition as the top 10 beachfront accommodations in Ghana.