buy the tradition

Ghana is well known for its traditional crafts.

Pottery, beads, stools, batik, dye-stained adinkra cloth, drums, baskets, wall painting, and even more. And, of course, Kente, hand-woven fabric made by Asante and Ewe people.

Traditionally, weaving is a men activity by both Ewe and Ashanti tribes.

In our shop you can find the best examples of these crafts. You can see some of them in the presentation on this page.

Do not forget that we have much more in our store. You can also order the items, even the ones you can’t see in the pictures below

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One thought on “buy the tradition

  1. Hello – I would like to book the 2 rooms with you from April 8th to April 12th 2023. We are 6 person. Are the rooms still free?

    Would appreciate a speedy reply.

    sincerely looking forward


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